Dr. Daphne Doublebind
aka Susie Reinhardt drums, vocals, guitar

Susie's first instrument was the piano. But more than her music lessons, she loved improvising to the Bonanza TV Theme 4-handed with her father. After highschool she moved to London, DIY is king discovered punk music and happily adopted the idea, that you can play any instrument on the spot – if you are bold enough. Back in Hamburg, she formed the all-girl punk band „EMETIX ON FIRE“, then played guitar for „DR.X“ (FANBOY)

Through the 90s, she was a member of „DM-BOB & THE DEFICITS“ (Crypt-Records). With this Country-Rock'n'RollTrash-Trio she mostly played a home-made slide guitar. Susie bought her first drumkit when the next band was formed with Silky (Watzlove) and Peta Devlin „HOO DOO GIRL“ (Hazelwood) to live out their devotion for Soul- and Zydecomusic. Taste the gumbo! Between bands and tours, Susie studied psychology, became a journalist and compiled „DJANGO'S SPIRIT – A Tribute to Django Reinhardt“ (Trikont). On Byte.FM you can catch her doing her radio-show „Rumble-Musik aus dem Röhrenverstärker“.