Cdr Valentina Chichikov
aka Peta Devlin vocals, bass, drums

Peta’s played in lots of bands. From country to soul to pop to rock to punk. After leaving England at the end of the 80’s, she stumbled into the Hamburger Schule and played bass and sang with all-girl pop band ‘DIE BRAUT HAUT INS AUGE (BMG) until they disbanded in 1999. Boy's boarding school and the otherness of women After that, she played bass in the punk band ‘OMA HANS’ (Schiffen Records), sang and played guitar and mandoline in her country/bluegrass band ‘COW’ (Trikont) and returned to bass and vocals with HOO DOO GIRL, another all-girl trio that played ‘Zydeco Soul’(Hazelwood).

Inbetween she produced albums at Hamburg’s Soundgarden Studios for bands such as Die Sterne, Superpunk, Tenfold Loadstar, Stella, Blumfeld etc. as well as working as a freelance sound engineer in studios, theatres and live venues. Invisible
In the last years, she’s been busy producing radio plays and writing music for radio and film. Since 2013, she stands at the side of BELA B. in his solo band playing a guitar-slinging June Carter to Bela’s Johnny Cash.